Factor Based Thematic Investing

You are at the right place if you want

  • To buy stocks that beat the market in the long run
  • To invest in firms in line with your principles
  • To tilt your portfolio towards dividends, value, growth and more
  • To follow what the experts say

Smart money and institutional investors have been using factor based investing for years.

This is a systematic approach to portfolio construction based on powerful algorithms, advanced technology and robust research.

  • This approach captures 70% of active returns
  • It is previously accessible only to the experts
  • It is used and recommended by experts from the US and the UK*

Global funds such as the USD 1 trillion Norwegian Government Pension Fund (Global) have adopted factor based investing to portfolio construction.

Using Crea8, you can now tap into this way of investing to build your own portfolio.

*Ang, A., W. Goetzmann, and S. Schaefer. 2009. Evaluation of active management of the Norwegian government pension fund-global. Report to the Norwegian Parliament. Full report here.

Pre-Optimised Factor Based Thematic Investing

Adopt one of our strategies or modify it to suit you.

Interest Rates Cut

Ageing Society

Middle East Risk

Got Your Own Ideas To Implement?

Build your portfolio with our algorithm in six steps

Put your stamp on things

Everyone has a different amount to invest and not everyone wants to trade frequently. That’s why we let you choose how often your portfolio is rebalanced.

Pick your investment universe

You may want to focus on a particular market. We give you more than that by letting you narrow down your universe by themes, sectors, company fundamentals and more.

Choose your investment style

Select one of our pre-set balanced, value, growth or dividend portfolios overlaid on themes or you may also tilt your portfolio whichever you like.

Specify your risk preference

Choose one of the pre-defined risk preferences or configure your risk parameters along various risks dimensions.

Check it out before investing

Once you’ve built your portfolio, backtest and have a look at how it would have done in the past before committing capital.

Automate your portfolio monitoring

Whether the market moves in your favour or not, we let you set your limits to take profit or cut your losses.

Do you always lose money on a particular stock?

Do not worry. We allow you to exclude that ‘bad luck’ stock from your portfolio so that you are at ease with your strategy.

Run my profits and cut my losses

Our intelligent portfolio monitoring system allows you to do that under normal market conditions by specifying a limit on maximum possible loss, without setting a limit on the possible gain. Your stop loss limit will move with the market price and continually recalculates the stop trigger price at a fixed amount below the market price. As the market price rises, both the stop loss limit price and the stop trigger price rise will be rejigged upwards. But if the stock price falls and hits the trigger price, then your stop loss order is submitted at the last calculated limit price.

Do you want full control to build your own thematic portfolio?

You can rely on our financial and alternative data analysis to filter the stocks, construct your portfolio and set the size of your positions individually.

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