Goal Based Thematic Investing

You are at the right page if you are investing for a goal, such as

  • To retire rich and comfortable
  • To pay for children's overseas education
  • To buy an overseas property
  • To migrate overseas

You need what’s best for you

Your investments should be based on your circumstances.

We offer you a personalised approach so that you can meet your very own financial goals.

Don’t limit yourself to just one region or asset class

Your portfolio is not achieving its full potential unless you consider all available investments. We let you invest in 350 ETFs across a wide range of asset classes, like gold, equities, bonds and private equity.

With Crea8's goal based thematic investing,

Your plan adapts to the market conditions and your personal circumstances

Whether it is market movements or changes in your lifestyle, your plan will adapt and advise you accordingly.

Your plan is rebalanced regularly automatically or we will remind you to do so

This way you can sit back and relax, knowing that your plan is aligned with your goals.

There are no hard feelings involved

Emotions tend to scupper peoples’ investments. Even history’s greatest investors have fallen prey to bad investment decisions because they let their emotions take charge. We remove that obstacle by using smart algorithms to come up with your personalised portfolio.

How is your portfolio constructed?

We optimise your portfolio using the Markowitz Portfolio approach, a well regarded process by the Nobel prize winning economist. Find out more about our methodology here.

What if you outlive your retirement pot?

We know this risk exists so you won’t be a pauper. Find out more here.

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