Partner Programme

Spread sustainable investing, share your brilliant idea

The world needs sustainability addressed. So, be an Influencer and help spread sustainable investing.

Anyone can have a brilliant investment idea too, not just the professionals. If you have a brilliant idea, be a strategy Creator and Crea8 will license your idea.

So, when someone else invests in an investment idea or a strategy that you created or shared, you will receive a royalty fee or part of the fees is donated to charities or social enterprises.

Be an Influencer when you

  • Have a large group of followers
  • Want to make a difference to sustainabllity and support good causes
  • Are active on social media

You Can

  • Share a host of investment strategies to your network of followers
  • Support our approved charity or a charity of your choice when someone else invests in a strategy you have shared

Be a Creator if you

  • Have a keen eye for investment trends
  • Are willing to share your investing skill
  • Want to kickstart your own investing journey

You Can

  • Create and license your investment idea
  • Claim royalties when someone else invests in your strategy

Partner Programme


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