One stop investment solution with strategies as unique as you

Invest in themes globally, earn above average returns

Capitalise on long term sustainable trends. Invest in stocks and ETFs that are likely to outperform in earnings growth.

Personalise your portfolio, whether big or small

Make use of our advisory algorithm or analytics to construct your own portfolio.

Guided by experts, invest with confidence

Make it yours by modifying our pre-optimised strategies.

Switch strategies seamlessly with no fee

Change strategies with just a few clicks and without additional advisory fee. You only pay the brokerage fee for changing the composition of your portfolio.

We automate, you save time and money

Use automation to remove the hassle of investing such as data collection, analysis, processing computationally intensive calculations, regular portfolio rebalancing, orders routing and more.

Monitor your portfolio automatically even when you sleep

Set your defined cut loss and take profit limits and place the orders automatically. So, run your profits and cut your losses.

Your personal advisor 24/7

When your personal circumstances or the markets change, Crea8 will make suggestions to ensure that you are on track towards your goals.

Choose the base currency for your account

Set the base currency from one of the major currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD, AUD, NZD, CNH etc). Non base currency transactions are automatically converted from your base currency up to the amount for transaction, thereby avoiding unnecessary non base currency loans and having various currencies in your account.

What’s yours remains yours

Your assets and cash are held in legally segregated client accounts under your own name through Interactive Brokers LLC, our partner custodian. Your assets and cash are separate from Crea8 and Interactive Brokers. This means that you and only you have any legal claims on your assets in all circumstances.

Your cash balances are protected and insured

Interactive Brokers segregates your money into special custody accounts. Your securities accounts at IB are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) for a maximum coverage of USD500,000 (with a cash sublimit of USD250,000) and under IB’s excess SIPC policy with certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London for up to an additional USD30 million (with a cash sublimit of USD900,000) subject to an aggregate limit of USD150 million.

Enjoy low cost execution and best execution

You get low cost-high quality service throughout our value chain. Our award-winning broker partner, IB, has consistently been commended for its low fees and best execution price.

Backed by latest research

Our close links with the University means that you benefit from the latest and continuing R&D.