Choppy waters: Volatility explained June 03, 2021 What is volatility? Volatility is the change in price of your investments. In simple terms, it is the up and down movement of the price. Volatility is typically calculated by the standard deviation, which is a measure of how much the price of an investment has deviated from […]

Investing through different stages of life March 4, 2021 Investing is a habit that should be inculcated from a young age and practised throughout your life. Your income, priorities and spending habits may change depending on which stage of your life you are in. These in turn would have an effect on your investment decisions. […]

Wondering What’s Weighing Down Your Investments? January 25, 2021 The investor’s chief problem—and even his worst enemy—is likely to be himself. – Benjamin Graham Traditional vs Behavioural Finance Much of traditional economic and financial theory is based on the assumptions that individuals act rationally and consider all available information in the decision-making process.  However, behavioural […]

Hedging systematic risk January 19, 2020 Awareness and prudent management of risks are important for investors to avoid unnecessary and costly losses. In this post, we differentiate between systematic and non-systematic risk and how to protect your portfolio against each. Systematic vs non-systematic risk Risk is defined in financial terms as the chance that an […]

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance January 19, 2021 Some people like taking a slow drive while others prefer to zip by on a high powered machine. Whatever you prefer is based on your personality and needs. Similarly, your investments should match your personality and needs. In investing, your risk tolerance helps determine whether you’d be better […]

Looking Inside an ETF January 7, 2021 What is an ETF? An ETF is a basket of investments that trade as a group on an exchange, similar to a stock. You can buy shares of an ETF in the same way that you buy shares of a company. What does an eTF offer you? With […]

8 steps to investing successfully April 3, 2020 Investing may be an overwhelming proposition, especially if you are new to it. However, with this 8 step guide, you could get a head start on your investment journey. 1. Have an investment plan Investing is not a one-time thing. You need to do it regularly and […]

ETFs are best for passive investing April 4, 2020 If you want to invest but are not sure about how to pick stocks, passive investing may be for you. But what are your options to invest passively? Read on to find out more. Active vs. Passive Investing In the investing world, a common distinction is […]

8 Tips on What To Do During a Financial Crisis April 4, 2020 Do you feel like covering away whenever a financial crisis hits? Fret not, because you are not alone! Read on to find some tips on how to navigate through any financial crisis. Markets are cyclical. Booms will be followed by busts; and […]

What’s keeping you from becoming rich? April 3, 2020 You may think that rich people were born into money. However, many rich people have come up from middle class beginnings and have simply put in place good habits to build wealth.  It turns out there could be a few bad habits that are keeping you […]

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