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A socially responsible AI-powered advisor that empowers personalised, thematic and sustainable investing.

Grow your wealth and create a better world

Crea8 makes it easy to invest sustainably or ride on long term themes that outperform.

We help you invest in businesses that commit to building a better world, without sacrificing returns.

Share our values and your investment ideas, Crea8 will contribute fees earned to social enterprises and charities.

So, grow your wealth and be a catalyst for a better world!


Why Sustainable Investing?

To make our world and societies better.

Why Thematic Investing?

To outperform the market as firms behind mega-trends have higher revenue and earnings growth.

Our optimiser maximises both returns and sustainability, so you need not sacrifice either one.

You can combine with thematic investing to outperform in the long term.

We empower you to

Invest in companies that share your values.

Tilt your portfolio towards specific causes – environmental (E), social (S) or governance (G) issues and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

...and also let you personalise portfolios for your goals

Answer a few questions and receive a low-cost, diversified portfolio that’s consistent with your chosen theme and customised for your needs and risk tolerance.

Our technology is always working for you – rebalancing and continuously monitoring your portfolio.

You can choose to...

Pick from pre-optimised thematic portfolios

Access to global and well-diversified portfolios, constructed using sophisticated algorithms and industry leading insights.

You can focus only on sustainability or combine with value, growth and other styles.

Or even...

Build your own

Leverage on our analytics and backtesting to create your own portfolios or themes.

Benefit from our automated platform for mundane tasks like rebalancing and portfolio monitoring.


Leverage on others

Access investment ideas from other investment specialists.

Share your own investment idea or impactful portfolios.

Contribute to good causes or earn a portion of fees when someone invests in an investment portfolio that you have created or shared.



Empower your money to change the world

For every Dollar of fees that we charge you, we will donate 3.8% to approved charities.

And if you share our good causes with your friends and family, we will donate 8% of their fees to an approved charity or social enterprise. Or, we will pass it back to you to contribute to your own choice.

With Crea8, make the world better by investing and sharing.

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