Our Values

Committed to you and our world

We exist not merely help you build wealth. We are here to build a better world for our next generation.

This means more decision power in your hands and more money in your pocket to do good.

This commitment is reflected in the principles that we uphold.

Driving responsible investing

We maximise sustainability in our strategies, not merely adding or dropping stocks that are not compliant with ESG principles.

By focusing on sustainability in our optimiser, we put it at the heart of our strategies.

Promoting diversity at the workplace

We are committed to diversity as it fosters innovation that ultimately helps us provide better services to our clients.

Our team is diverse in equal gender representation, ethnicity and nationalities.

Supporting good causes

We work with social enterprises and charities to ensure that they continue to make a positive change in the world.

When you share a strategy as an influencer or creator, we will donate part of the fees to your preferred approved charity.

We also work with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales to train the next generation of business leaders in sustainability.

Democratising wealth management

We believe that financial freedom is a fundamental human right.

Financial freedom means you can control your financial destiny, have access to personalised advice, and to invest in your community.

We strive to let our society have the ability to exercise this right by making available the financial tools hitherto available to the rich to everyone.

Transparency and disintermediation

Agent fees erode returns over time and will ultimately defer the realisation of your goals, compromises your principles in life and not adaptive to your personal circumstances.

We focus on minimising fees throughout your investment journey, so returning you more money.

Ultimately, our platform empowers you to manage your wealth yourself.

Automation saves time, quantitative way avoids psychological pitfalls

Machines should do the heavy lifting, computationally intensive and mundane work, thus freeing you time.

Biases, such as herding and overreacting, often lead to undesirable investing outcomes like panic selling.

We automate and help you diversify in a systematic manner globally and avoid the psychological pitfalls in portfolio management.

R&D is key to sustainability

We invest considerable time and effort in R&D to be at the forefront of innovation.

Having access to the best brains at the University of Cambridge ensure that we bring you the best solutions that are sustainable and at the cutting edge.

Our technology partner, Cammillion, has been recognised as one of the finalists in the 2020 Monetary Authority of Singapore Fintech Award.

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