Goal Based Thematic Investing

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Your investments should be based on your circumstances

We offer a personalised approach so that your investments are consistent with your financial goals and values.

Investment goals are the financially measureable targets that you want to achieve by saving and investing.

Everybody has investment goals in their life, from the old adage of saving for a rainy day to planning a comfortable retirement or buying a house.

An investment approach that emphasises investing with the objective of attaining specific life goals, e.g. saving for children’s education or building a retirement nest-egg, rather than focusing on generating the highest possible portfolio return or beating the market.
Firstly, you provide your goals, risk preferences, legacy plans and time horizon. Then, select from various investment themes compirisng ETFs (e.g. Inflation Hedging, Sustainability or ESG etc.). Finally, we provide you a portfolio that is optimised (using the Markowitz’s Nobel prize winning approach) for you to invest to meet your goals.

The attainment of financial goals is predicated on the projected returns and risks of the portfolio. As these are estimated from past data, the values might differ in the future.

Whilst Markowitz’s portfolio theory is a Nobel Prize winning approach, it does require certain assumptions to hold, e.g. investors are risk averse, rational and the analysis is based on single period of investment. The approach is also sensitive to the historical period used to estimate expected values.

A personalised plan is created to suit your personal goals, given your investing preference.

By dynamically adjusting suggestions, we ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. Besides, you can opt for straight through processing for a seamless experience; and automated portfolio monitoring and rebalancing to save time.

Don’t limit yourself to just one region or asset class

Your portfolio is not achieving its full potential unless you consider all available investments. We let you invest in over 400 ETFs across a wide range of asset classes, like gold, equities, bonds and private equity.

With Crea8


Your plan adapts to the market conditions and your personal circumstances

Whether it is market movements or changes in your lifestyle, your plan will adapt accordingly.


Your plan is rebalanced regularly and monitored automatically, or we will remind you to do so

So, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your plan is aligned with your goals.


There are no biases involved

Emotions can scupper one’s investments. We remove this obstacle with smart algorithms that optimise and personalise your portfolio.

How is your portfolio constructed?

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What if you outlive your retirement pot?

We know this risk exists so you won’t be a pauper. Find out more here.

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