Fees Plan

There is no such thing as free lunch.

Free advice is often biased.

Commission free trading does not exist as costs are hidden in transaction costs such as less favourable execution price.

Our pricing model is fair, clear and transparent.

We are fully digital. Choose either DIY or hybrid service.

We have 3 fee plans for our investing solutions. Pick one that suits you best.

1. Performance Fees

If we do not perform, you do not get charged!

Unless your portfolio’s return exceeds the MSCI World Index, there is no fee. If it beats the benchmark, 30% of the excess returns will be shared with Crea8. The calculation is done by the independent custodian.

For example, your account grew from USD 10,000 to USD 11,000 in the current quarter, representing a 10% increase. The benchmark index increased 7% during the same period. A performance fee of USD 9.00 is charged (30% x (10%-7%) x 1,000). No fee is charged based on the size of the account.

2. Tiered Fees Based On Your Account Size

So the more you invest, the lower your fees would be.

Annualised Fee
Size of Account Fully Digital & DIY Fully Digital & Hybrid
USD 0 – USD 10,000
USD 10,001 – USD 25,000
USD 25,001 – USD 100,000
1 to 3% depending on partner
USD 100,001 – USD 500,000
USD 500,001 and above

3. Monthly Fees

Fixed USD 688 / MYR 2,888 per month​

Certain fee plans are only available for certain types of accounts. You can change fee package before the start of each quarter, to be applicable in the subsequent quarter. There is no charge for changing fee package.

Our fees are charged separately from the broker. We do not receive any kickbacks from the broker. 

If we route your FX and trade orders electronically,charge a 0.5% mark up on the brokerage commission and FX rate. You can see these mark ups clearly disclosed when you review and agree to your fee plan on your Client Portal.

Want to learn more about investing? Our Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) approved courses are also open to everyone at RM 240 per course.

So, compared to investing via a fund, are you being charged twice – once for Crea8’s advice and second time for broker’s execution?

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