Do You Want To...

Grow your wealth?

Invest based on your principles?

Diversify globally?

Expand your advisory and fund management business without increasing costs?

Do You Wish You Can...

Pass on wealth to your children?

Fulfill a life goal?

Have a second income?

Deliver a digitised and personalised client service?

With Crea8, you now have innovative, automated, professional investment solutions, previously accessible only to the experts, at your fingertips.

Take control of your money, personalise your investment plan and make your dreams come true.

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At Crea8, We Are All About Thematic Investing

Stock market or forex trading graph in graphic concept suitable for financial investment or Economic trends business idea and all art work design. Abstract finance background
Selecting stocks that allow your portfolio to beat the market
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Riding on sustainable long term themes
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Using ideas driven by big data and machine learning to fulfil your dreams

Let us create portfolios for your goals

Answer a few questions and we will create a low-cost, diversified portfolio that’s consistent with your chosen theme as well as customised for your needs and risk tolerance.

Our technology is always working for you – continuously monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio.

Or choose to...

Pick from a variety of pre-optimised thematic portfolios

We provide global access to well-diversified portfolios, constructed using sophisticated algorithms and industry leading insights.

Choose from a curated selection of themes that allow you to capitalise on long term sustainable trends.

You can also tilt your portfolio towards value, growth and other styles.

...we even allow you to

Leverage on our technology and create your own portfolios or themes

Build on from our thematic ideas and include alternative data such as sentiment and ESG.

...and if you want

Sustainable Investing

We empower you to invest in companies that share your values.

Be a catalyst for sustainability – make more conscious investment decisions, either within themes, markets or industries.

...and because we provide turnkey solutions

Advisor and fund managers can focus on their clients and investments

Leverage on our technology to deliver personalised client service and improve investment decisions.

Since we offer full digital experience with flexible fees, you can scale your business easily.

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