Welcome to hyper personalised and sustainable investing. ​

Thank you for sharing your investment journey with us.

Here are 8 points to get you started:

1. Carry on from where you left off

Log in to our platforms from our website as before. You will notice that in addition to the test trial account, your real broker account is now connected.

The strategies or investment plans that you previously created are still there.

2. Multiple currencies & auto FX orders

You can maintain multiple currencies in this single broker account and choose your base currency in one of the major currencies from the Client Portal.

At the time of trade, you can optionally place an FX hedge order where the equivalent amount to settle any trades that are not in your base currency is converted from your base currency, thereby saving you from having currency loans. Likewise, the FX hedge order will automatically convert your sale proceeds to your base currency.

3. Making deposits or withdrawals from Client Portal

For deposits, follow the steps on Client Portal. You will be presented with details of your own account held at the broker. From our experience, depositing funds in HKD is the fastest. Once the funds are deposited, you can convert to other currencies via Client Portal.

For withdrawals, follow the instructions on Client Portal. You can only withdraw to your own account and not third party accounts. Please initiate the request early as you may be required to submit documents to verify your account.

4. No mixing - one broker account for one plan or strategy only

One broker account should be linked to one plan or strategy only.

You can switch strategies seamlessly with no additional charge by de-linking and re-linking to another plan or strategy.

Please also avoid mixing your other investments in the broker account linked to our investment plan or strategies.

You can also duplicate more broker accounts without going through the account opening process again.

5. Portfolio rebalancing and monitoring for risk management

You are encouraged to rebalance your portfolio regularly. The frequency is configurable by you.

On the rebalancing day, you will receive an email reminder to log in to rebalance. Of course, you may rebalance your portfolio at any time through the platform, but please be wary of the transaction costs.

To manage risks, we help you monitor your portfolio whilst you sleep. Our smart cut loss order algorithm automatically re-calculates the cut loss limit upwards when prices rise but not when prices fall. So, you can run your profits and cut your losses.

To activate portfolio monitoring, set your own cut loss or take profits limits under Risk Management and please remember to approve the orders.

6. Join us as a partner

We extend an exclusive invitation to you to join us as a partner, where you can be an Influencer or a Creator to spread personalised and sustainable investing or share your brilliant ideas.

Joining is easy – you just need to opt in from your Profile page.

7. Mobile Handy Trader and desktop Investment Workstation

To monitor your portfolio on the go, download our mobile Handy Trader which also includes the two factor authenticator.

For more sophisticated analysis such as charting, download our Investment Workstation. The download links are available at the bottom of the page after you have logged in.

8. Security reminder

The security of your investment is paramount. We urge you to be vigilant to phishing attempts and adopt good practices.

Access to crucial functions such as withdrawing funds are secured by two factor authentication. Please do not share the code with others.

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