Welcome as our partner! ​

Here are 8 points to get you started:​

1. Onboard new clients

To onboard clients, share the invitation link from your Profile > Manager Info page – clients using this link to open accounts will automatically be linked to you.

Reminder: please check your spam folder for our verification email. You should also add our email address to your contact list so future emails from us will not be filtered to spam.

2. Linking existing clients

If for whatever reason the client is already registered on our platform, whether linked to another manager or not, but not linked to you, he can be linked to you instantaneously.

This has to be initiated by the client. To do so, the client has to enter your manager code from your Profile > Manager Info page to his Profile > Manager Info page.

3. Sharing investment strategies or plans

To share an investment strategy or plan on your social media, emails, groups or chats, get the sharing link from the Share button or from the offer’s link on our Partners Platform.

Joining it is free and please opt in via Profile > Partners Platform.

If you would like more minute analytics (e.g. which particular campaign), enter the identifier in sub1 to sub7 before copying the sharing link.

Prospective clients who respond to your shared links from different channels will be tracked, providing you with useful insights on their preferences and where they are from etc.

This is a sample post:

“Hey, I am sharing this new theme . It invests in … and benefits from…. Please contact me.”

You should encourage the prospective clients to contact you directly, so that you can onboard them using your unique invitation link from your Profile > Manager Info page.

This way, they will be linked to you automatically. Do not worry if they do not contact you as they can still be linked to you by entering your unique manager code at a later stage.

4. Personalising for clients

Each investment strategy and plan can be individually tailored. Varying degree of customisation can be achieved through ‘Edit Plan’, ‘Add to my Strategies’ or ‘Copy trade’.

A back test can be immediately run to secure client’s buy-in and approval, prior to generating the trade basket.

5. Routing of client orders

Orders will be routed to clients for their approval. Orders can be cancelled and re-generated at any point prior to client’s approval.

The status of the orders will automatically become stale if we detect changes in the client’s positions. A new trade basket needs to re-created.

Clients can edit the trades if they wish to do so prior to approving and sending the trades electronically to the broker.

6. Portfolio rebalancing and monitoring for risk management

We will email you and the client when the portfolio is due for rebalancing or placing of cut loss / take profit orders. Clients have to approve the trade orders.

7. Client fees and trading access

Client fees will be deducted from their accounts at the end of each month or quarter, depending on which fee plan they are on. The amounts due to you will be updated on your Partners Platform page.

Clients may request a fee plan or trading access change at the start of each quarter by emailing us.

8. Training and hands on courses

We will provide you with hands-on training on how to use the platform. You can even earn CPE points with our SIDC approved courses

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