Participating in value creation through sustainable and innovative businesses

July 23, 2021

Business value can come in different forms. From providing a lower cost service – such as what robo-advisors do in the investment space. To provide a new type of product – such as what Apple did when it introduced the iPhone. Value can be thought of in two ways – through the extent that a business innovates existing products and services and the impact businesses have on the environment or society. In one sense, businesses provide a positive impact on consumers with better products and services. In the other sense, business provides a positive impact on society and/or the environment through their actions. The themes of sustainability and innovation have been making headway in the investment world with many investors seeking stocks that adhere to these themes. In this series, we take a deeper dive into these themes and show you how you can participate in them through Crea8’s Goal based investing service.

Sussing out sustainability

Sustainable companies include those whose business practices and processes have a minimal negative impact or some positive impact on the environment, community or society. For example, companies that have a low carbon footprint or that actively practice gender diversity. Think Mastercard through its partnership with Bunq to plant more trees. Or BMW with its efforts to actively promote women into leadership positions.

Introducing innovation

Innovative companies, on the other hand, are those at the forefront of new technologies. Think Apple, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Facebook or Amazon who are delivering tech software and hardware year in year out.

Investing in these themes can be expensive

Companies leading the way with sustainable and innovative practices can be expensive to invest in for the average investor. For example, the average cost of a FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) share, for example, is USD 780.

Crea8’s thematic portfolios can give you access

Through Crea’s thematic portfolios, you can gain exposure to companies at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, without breaking the bank.

We do this by letting you invest in ETFs consisting of these companies. That way, you can get the same exposure at a fraction of the price.

Invest in top tier firms and get diversification benefits with ETFs

Through ETFs, our ‘Sustainability and Innovation’ theme offers you exposure to companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, BMW AG, Mastercard, IBM, Nestle and many more.

Each ETF invests in hundreds within them. Crea8 has built our thematic portfolios on several of these ETFs, ensuring your exposure is diversified across geographies and industries.

Crea8’s Advice - set up an account to get access to this theme

With Crea8’s Goal Based investing service, you don’t just get inexpensive exposure to this theme, we can also provide you with a service to manage and grow your wealth at the same time.

You can set up a personalised investment plan and choose to invest in the “Sustainability and Innovation” theme as part of the plan. Alternatively, you could switch to other themes if you wish.

Open an account with Crea8 today and see how you can get access to the ‘Sustainability and Innovation’ theme as well as other themes through our Goal based investing service.

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