Goal Based Thematic Investing

Thematic investing allows you to invest in long term trends and ideas that are transforming the world and creating a wealth of opportunities. Our algorithm sifts through up to 2,500 stocks across 20 countries and 400 ETFs across multiple asset classes to curate investment portfolios that stand to gain from a particular theme or idea. Through these portfolios, we provide you opportunities to ride on these real-world trends to grow your wealth. Invest in themes based on your goals and factors.

Goal based investing is an investment approach that that emphasizes investing with the objective of attaining specific life goals such as saving for children’s education or building a retirement nest-egg, rather than focusing on generating the highest possible portfolio return or beating the market.

Our goal based investing service allows you to select one of our our thematic portfolios to invest in and add a level of customisation to make it yours.

An investment plan is a guide for you to achieve your financial goals. The process of coming up with a financial plan for you involves your financial goals with your financial resources. We recommend Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) as the investment vehicle of choice as they are diversified, have low fees and traded on the stock exchange.

We ask you to provide us with your personal and financial information so that our algorithms can come up with a personalised investment plan for you to meet your financial goals.

Yes, otherwise we do not know what you would like in your investment universe.
We use risk tolerance values to determine the mix of stocks and bonds in your investment plan. A higher risk tolerance and longer time horizon will result in a higher weighting of stocks, while a lower risk tolerance and shorter time horizon will result in a higher weighting in bonds.
The allocation for your account is determined by your Statement of Investment Policy, including your selected theme and risk tolerance. Our algorithm will find the optimal allocation which can maximise return and minimise risks for your portfolio.

We offer a comprehensive selection of base currencies (e.g. AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, SGD and USD). Unfortunately we only offer these currencies which are easily tradable internationally and are supported by our partner broker. You can make a transfer from your home currency to one of the listed currencies through your own bank.

Yes, you can. To make changes to your default asset allocation, log in to your account then click “Advice” > click “Edit Plan” > click “Adjust Allocation”. You can then change the weights of your portfolio to each asset class.

Yes, you can. You can have more than one goal in your Crea8 account. You just need to open a new brokerage account for each new goal.

Your money will be allocated based on the parameters (amount invested, theme, risk level) that you indicated when you set up the plan.

Yes, you can make changes to your investment goals even after you have been allocated a portfolio. To do this, log in to your account then click “Advice” > click “Edit Plan” > click “Savings, Investment & Legacy Details”. You can then change your initial inputs including your “Starting Capital” and “Target Amount”.

Yes, you can. To do this, log in to your account then click “Advice” > click “Edit Plan” > click “Risk Management”. You can then change your initial inputs to your risk tolerance.

Yes, you can. Crea8 is meant to be responsive to changes in your circumstances. You can change your savings plan in “Edit Plan” > “Number of Income Streams” and “Average Monthly Savings“.

Yes, you can. Just go to Account Management for withdrawal or deposit. To prevent money laundering, you can only withdraw to another account of yours. Depending on your account, you may need to update your goal plan by “Edit Plan” > “Savings, Investment & Legacy Details” > “Average Monthly Savings“.

Yes, you can. Log in to your account, select your plan and then scroll to the bottom of the page to “Delete Plan”. Make sure to “De-Link IB Account” before deleting your plan.

All dividends, interest or other income earned from the account will be automatically paid into your account.
No, there is no lock-in period for your investments.

No, Crea8 does not. Securities transactions are executed by our partner broker. Your relationship with our partner broker will be governed by a separate agreement between yourself and the broker.

With our goal based investing service, we look at your personal financial situation, risk tolerance and investment goal. Using this information, our algorithm applies the Modern Portfolio approach by an Nobel Prize winning economist, to come up with an optimal investment portfolio that maximises your investment returns while minimising your risk. Have a look at our methodology papers here.
The default option for rebalancing your portfolio is every 21 days.
Yes, you can. You can manually re-balance your portfolio by clicking “Rebalance” on your portfolio page.
Your portfolio is invested in a mix of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that is diversified in terms of asset classes and geographies.
An ETF is an investment fund that is traded on a stock exchange, much like a stock, and often tracks an underlying index. ETFs can contain many types of investments such as stocks, bonds and commodities or a combination of investments.
We use ETFs because they are exchange listed products that are more diversified stocks and have deeper liquidity, high trading volumes and lower fees as compared to mutual funds.

Yes, you can. Once you have created an investment plan, log in to your account, click “Advice” > click “Edit Plan” > click “Risk Management” > click “Specific Funds”. From there, you can then select ETFs based on asset class, region or expense ratio for your portfolio.

There are thousands of ETFs listed in the market and it is hard to shortlist which are the relevant ones. We have curated different themes from our shortlisted 350 ETFs and believe that these themes are likely to yield higher returns for you in the long run. From the themes, we construct the optimal portfolio for you given your risk profile and investment needs. Besides, we provide one-stop solution whereby we route your orders, rebalance and monitor your portfolio automatically so that you can focus on your own work.

You cannot include that ETF in an account linked to a goal plan as we would automatically liquidate that ETF. If you want to hold that ETF, we suggest that you open a separate brokerage account that is not linked to Crea8.

Goal Based Thematic Investing

You are at the right place if you want to:

Your investments should be based on your circumstances

We offer a personalised approach so that your investments are consistent with your financial goals and values.

Investment goals are the financially measureable targets that you want to achieve by saving and investing.

Everybody has investment goals in their life, from the old adage of saving for a rainy day to planning a comfortable retirement or buying a house.

An investment approach that emphasises investing with the objective of attaining specific life goals, e.g. saving for children’s education or building a retirement nest-egg, rather than focusing on generating the highest possible portfolio return or beating the market.
Firstly, you provide your goals, risk preferences, legacy plans and time horizon. Then, select from various investment themes compirisng ETFs (e.g. Inflation Hedging, Sustainability or ESG etc.). Finally, we provide you a portfolio that is optimised (using the Markowitz’s Nobel prize winning approach) for you to invest to meet your goals.

The attainment of financial goals is predicated on the projected returns and risks of the portfolio. As these are estimated from past data, the values might differ in the future.

Whilst Markowitz’s portfolio theory is a Nobel Prize winning approach, it does require certain assumptions to hold, e.g. investors are risk averse, rational and the analysis is based on single period of investment. The approach is also sensitive to the historical period used to estimate expected values.

A personalised plan is created to suit your personal goals, given your investing preference.

By dynamically adjusting suggestions, we ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. Besides, you can opt for straight through processing for a seamless experience; and automated portfolio monitoring and rebalancing to save time.

Don’t limit yourself to just one region or asset class

Your portfolio is not achieving its full potential unless you consider all available investments. We let you invest in over 400 ETFs across a wide range of asset classes, like gold, equities, bonds and private equity.

With Crea8


Your plan adapts to the market conditions and your personal circumstances

Whether it is market movements or changes in your lifestyle, your plan will adapt accordingly.


Your plan is rebalanced regularly and monitored automatically, or we will remind you to do so

So, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your plan is aligned with your goals.


There are no biases involved

Emotions can scupper one’s investments. We remove this obstacle with smart algorithms that optimise and personalise your portfolio.

How is your portfolio constructed?

Find out more here.

What if you outlive your retirement pot?

We know this risk exists so you won’t be a pauper. Find out more here.

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