Relationship Managers

You need to have excellent communication skills and ideally hold a Financial Planning license from the Securities Commission.

Yes. Relationship Managers need a manager account which will be linked to clients’ accounts via a unique manager code.

The Relationship Manager can service as many clients as long as the level of service is maintained.

Yes. However, clients would need to open a separate broker sub-account for each strategy, and each account needs to be linked to Relationsip Manager’s account. 

If the client has opened multiple account with Crea8 under different emails, then all these emails need to be linked to the Relationship Manager’s account.

No. One client can only be served by one Relationship Manager at any time.

There is no minimum age as long as you satisfy the requirements to be a Relationship Manager.

Crea8 is an AI-driven investment advisor. We help: 

1) Design sustainable, personalised and thematic investing. 

2) Construct personalised portfolios for clients based on their age, goals, values, risks and investing styles. To do this, the client’s personal information and investing preferences need to be captured in the platform. 

3) Electronically route trade orders to our partner broker (if applicable).

 4) Remind portfolio rebalancing, so clients’ portfolios are always optimised, on-track to meet their goals and consistent with their styles.

 5) Issue monthly reports and statements with performance details. 

6) Review our themes and recommend allocation if needed. 

7) Handle routine tasks like data collection and invoicing so that clients get a high touch personalised service via the Relationship Manager.

Relationship Managers act as introducers to Crea8’s solutions. 

Relationship Managers can perform due diligence on the clients and can reject serving a particular client. 

Relationship Managers will service clients throughout their investment journey such as opening an account with Crea8 (and with our global broker partner if applicable), personalising curated thematic strategies by inputting client details, and reminding clients to rebalance their portfolios. 

Relationship Managers will also engage with clients on an ongoing basis, share Crea8’s monthly reviews and to ensure clients’ portfolios are adapted to clients’ changing goals and priorities.

Non-discretionary portfolios require client’s permission before executing trades.

No. Crea8’s policy is not to handle any client’s money and all Relationship Managers must adhere to this. Being non-discretionary advisors, all trade execution must require client’s prior approval. Client will also handle withdrawals and deposits themselves via the client portal.

No. Relationship Managers cannot have discretion over clients’ portfolios.

Clients can select whichever desired strategy / plan themselves or be serviced by the Relationship Manager. Clients can edit the suggested trade orders.

Clients must handle withdrawals and deposits themselves; and this cannot be serviced by the Relationship Manager.

Relationship Managers and clients can download brochures for each theme.

On our SRI-Factors platform, the brochures contain details of the theme, why clients should invest in it and key components of the investment universe.

On our Goals platform, the brochures describe the strategy’s objective, asset allocation and risk-based performance for each risk tolerance.

With the client’s unique set of parameters, a personalised strategy or plan is constructed to match client’s personal interests and circumstances.

Yes. If you are interested, please email us.

Yes. Clients can modify our pre-optimised strategies or plans. Clients can also edit the trade orders before executing any trades.

As a non-discretionary advisor, all trade orders and deposit / withdrawal decisions require clients’ approval.

Clients are allowed to make any decisions without consultation with their Relationship Manager.

However, we encourage Relationship Managers to communicate regularly with clients and emphasise to the clients that they are responsible for their decisions.

Crea8 shares a portion of the fees with Relationship Managers. By default, the fee will be credited to the Relationship Manager’s account with our partner broker. This avoids incurring bank transfer fees and bid-ask spread during currency exchange.

Alternatively, payment can also be made via bank transfer or a remittance provider.

Please email us for more details.

The fee sharing percentage is set and published by the organisation. In certain cases, the organisation may be Crea8.

This is typically normally 28 days of receipt of the fees from clients.

A Relationship Manager need to register on our Partners Platform which tracks the amount due, payment status, analytics and conversions.

Yes. This will be under a monthly fixed fee plan. Please contact us for details.

Relationship Managers can send an invitation link, which can be obtained from your Profile, to the client. When the client opens an account using that link, the client will be connected.

Alternatively, clients can link their account to the Relationship Manager by clicking on the “Profile” on the dropdown menu next to their profile picture and selecting “Manager Info”.

The client needs to enter the unique Relationship Manager’s code, which is obtained from the Relationship Manager’s Profile.

From your account, you can obtain your manager code from the “Manager Info” section in the “Profile” tab.

The client needs to delink from the Relationship Manager.

To do this, the client needs to go to “Profile” on the dropdown menu next to the profile picture and select “Manager Info”.

Then, the client needs to select the “Delink Manager” button.

Relationship Manager needs to share the unique manager code, which is obtained from the Profile section, with the client.

Client can re-link to the Relationship Manager by going to the “Profile” on the dropdown menu next to their profile picture and selecting “Manager Info”.

The client needs to enter the manager code and click “Link Manager”.

We encourage Relationship Managers open accounts with the broker partner to invest alongside clients and receive fee payments (subject to limits set by the broker).

Relationship Managers without an account will receive the fees via bank transfer and will have to incur bank transfer fees.

The Relationship Manager’s dashboard provides an overview and summary of all the clients linked to the Relationship Manager. Select “Manage Client” button to service a particular client.

Yes. Client’s permission is required before making any decisions involving client’s money.

After preparing the strategy’s trade orders for the client, the Relationship Manager needs to ‘Route Orders to Client’ for their approval.

Relationship Manager can also cancel the routed orders by clicking “Cancel Routed Orders” and a “Cancelled” order status will be shown.

To check the status of routed trade orders, click on “Manage Client” on the “Client” page, and click “View Orders”. Alternatively, click on “View Orders” in the “Overview” page.

A “Pending” status means that the order is still waiting to be approved / rejected.

An “Approved” status means that the order has been approved by the client. If the market is open, the orders will be executed immediately after client’s approval. If the market is closed, then it will be queued in the system and will be executed when the market opens.

A “Rejected” status means that the order has been rejected by the client. The Relationship Manager needs to check with the client on the reason for the rejection and may need to create new trade orders.

A “Stale” status means that the order has expired as the client’s positions in the broker account have changed due to corporate actions, cut loss or take profit limits being triggered. Hence, the routed orders may not be accurate anymore. The Relationship Managers needs to re-route another set of trade orders for client’s approval.

Being non-discretionary mandates, the clients’ portfolios need to be manually rebalanced at the pre-selected and configurable rebalancing frequency. Reminders will be sent to the client and the Relationship Manager.

The client needs to log in to rebalance the portfolio.

This is also an opportunity to re-allocate to a different investment theme where applicable.

To enhance risk management, clients can optionally place cut loss and take profits monitoring orders on their portfolios.

Crea8 offers smart “cut loss” where the order limits are automatically recalculated upwards when prices rise but will remain fixed when prices fall and will be executed if prices hit the limit orders.

Being non-discretionary mandates with manual rebalancing, clients will be reminded by email to log in to place cut loss / take profits orders.

To do this, some clients can trigger stop loss / take profits directly upon login. Alternatively, some Relationship Managers can click “Manage Client” in the “Client” page and select “Preview Stop Loss/Take Profit Orders”. Then, click “Route Orders to Client” for their approval.

You can also cancel the routed orders by clicking “Cancel Routed Orders” and a “Cancelled” order status will be shown.

Monthly account statements are emailed to clients, detailing the balances and portfolio’s performance.

The investment themes available are reviewed, with suggested allocations.

No, Relationship Managers will receive a monthly review of the investment themes but do not receive a copy of the client’s statement.

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