Factor Based Thematic Investing

An investment strategy is a basket of stocks created to represent an investment theme. An investment strategy can be a goal or factor based thematic strategy. You can choose from one of our pre-optimised strategies or you can design your own strategy.

Thematic investing allows you to invest in long term trends and ideas that are transforming the world and creating a wealth of opportunities. Our algorithm sifts through up to 2,500 stocks across 20 countries and 400 ETFs across multiple asset classes to curate investment portfolios that stand to gain from a particular theme or idea. Through these portfolios, we provide you opportunities to ride on these real-world trends to grow your wealth. Invest in themes based on your goals and factors.

Factor based investing is an investment style that involves selecting stocks with attributes that are associated with higher returns. For example, low Price-to-Earnings, low Price-to-Book Value or high Earnings Per Share stocks.

Our factor based investing service allows you to select one of our thematic portfolios and make it yours by overlaying various factors. You can adopt our pre-selected factors or create your own combinations.

The Advisory service advises you on your investments using our proprietary algorithm, a wide array of fundamental factors and big data analytics. You can adopt our pre-optimised strategies, modify them or design it entirely on your own. The Analytics service lets you build your own strategy using our stocks and funds screener; and big data analytics. Both services are available in Goal based and Factor based thematic investing.

You invest in equities, selected from 2,500 stocks across 20 different countries.

Yes, you can. To do this when you use our algorithm, log in to your account, click “Overview” > click “My Portfolio” > click on one of your strategies and then “View Strategy Details” > click “Edit Strategy” > click “Investment Universe”. From there, you will be able to add and drop stocks from your strategy. Alternatively, in build your own strategy setting, you can select the stocks and assign the value of your position.

We adopt a systematic approach to portfolio construction, comprising six steps:

  1.  Set your investment style;
  2. Choose your investment universe from a few themes or define it yourself;
  3. Select the tilt in your portfolio – whether it is dividends, value or growth based;
  4. Set your risk limits;
  5. Determine the transaction costs; and
  6. Optimise your portfolio value, subject to the different risks and transaction cost constraints.

To understand our methodology more, please refer to our methodology white paper.

Yes, they do. The values of securities are subject to the fluctuation of the stock market, which may cause the weights of securities to drift away from the optimal weights. It is therefore important to rebalance strategies from time to time. Professional strategies are updated or rebalanced on a regular basis.

Yes, we do. If you have an idea about a strategy and want to design one yourself, go to ‘Strategies‘ and click ‘Design Your Own Strategies‘. You can use our algorithm to help you build or you can use our analytics to construct.

You cannot include that stock in an account linked to a factor based thematic strategy as we would automatically liquidate that stock if you do not specify so. It would be easier that you open a separate brokerage account that is not linked to Crea8 to hold that stock.

You can add any strategy – including strategies you built yourself – to a watchlist. A watchlist makes it easy to track performance of your favourite strategies.

You can access your watchlist by going to ‘Strategies‘ and clicking “Watchlist”.