Investing through different stages of life

March 4, 2021

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Investing is a habit that should be inculcated from a young age and practised throughout your life.

Your income, priorities and spending habits may change depending on which stage of your life you are in. These in turn would have an effect on your investment decisions.

The following are some of the major life events that you most likely will go through and how Crea8 can help you invest throughout each stage.

1. Starting your career

Congratulations! You’ve officially graduated and are starting what promises to be a long and successful career.

With your first job, comes your first stable source of income and the opportunity to finally land that car or house that you have been eyeing. Firstly though, you have to raise the cash to afford the down payment on that big ticket purchase.

Crea8 can help you meet that down payment goal

Tell us how much you expect your down payment will be and when you need the money. We will provide you with a personalised investment plan to help you save and invest the money without cramping your lifestyle.

2. Starting a family

Once you start a family, your financial responsibilities will change as you are not just taking care of yourself. Your monthly expenses will increase, and you may also need to set up a fund for your child’s education.

Crea8’s investment plans can let you save for your children

Let us know how much you would be comfortable saving monthly and an estimate of how much you would need for your kids’ education and we can provide you with an optimal investment portfolio to meet this goal.

3. Achieving financial freedom

Ever dreamt of walking out of your job to pursue a project that you have always wanted to start? What about retiring at the age of 45 instead of 65 like everyone else? All this can be achieved with financial freedom.

Financial freedom is a goal that many people strive for but getting there requires the right investment plan and some passive income to rely on.

Create a financial plan to help you achieve financial freedom

Crea8’s Goal based investing service lets you set up a bespoke investment plan to get you on your way towards financial freedom.

Earn passive income through dividends

High dividend stocks can provide you with a source of passive income, giving you cash flow to sustain yourself as you pursue your dreams.

You can use our Advisory function to add a dividend tilt to professionally built thematic strategies. Or, use our Analytics function to screen for stocks with high dividend yields.

4. Growing Your Wealth

Once you’ve been in the labour force for a while, you start to accumulate experience and earning power. It’s time to grow the wealth that you have accumulated to make sure you can retire comfortably.

The only way to do this is through sound investing.

Diversify your investments

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Investing across multiple asset classes, geographies and sectors will help you properly diversify your wealth.

Access to a plethora of investments with Crea8

With our Goal based investing service, you get access to up to 350 ETFs that are based on various asset classes from stocks to bonds and commodities. Our Factor based investing service gives you access to 2,500 stocks from 18 countries. From these, Crea8’s algorithms generate the best mix of ETFs and stocks for you to achieve diversification benefits.

Limit the fees you pay to maximise returns

Fees erode a significant part of your portfolio over time. Traditional form of investing using mutual funds and unit trusts is costly.

Here are some of the charges:

  • Initial sales commission or set-up fees: This is typically 3-5% of your initial investment. So, if you deposit $100,000, only $95,000 to $97,000 is actually used to buy the stocks.
  • Annual management fees: This is typically 2-4% of your portfolio. So, if your portfolio earns 10%, you only get 6-8% net of fees.
  • Exit fee: These are increasingly rare but some mutual funds or unit trusts still charge them.

Crea8 cuts out hidden fees and offers 3 simple and transparent fee structures

With Crea8, you will not incur any initial set-up fees or commission fees. Instead, you pay an advisory fee that is either charged monthly, based on the size of your account or based on the performance of our recommendations. 

Our tiered fee structure ensures that the more you invest, the lower your fees will be.  For example, if you select our tiered fee plan and invest $ 100,001 in some stocks that make 10% annually over the next 30 years:

Traditional Mutual Fund Crea8
Initial investment
$ 100,001
$ 100,001
Initial fee
Annual fee
Investment after 30 years
$ 955,962
$ 1,572,890
Crea8 gives you $ 616,928 more

Use automated functions to protect your wealth

Crea8 lets you place automated cut loss and take profit orders so that your investment portfolio is not affected by extreme market movements.

5. Setting up for retirement

Everyone has their own personal retirement dream. How much you need to live this dream depends on a multitude of factors including your age, your ideal monthly pension, your current savings, your gender etc.

Crea8 can set up a bespoke retirement investment plan for you

We consider your personal circumstances to provide you with a retirement investment plan that is just right for you. Set up a retirement investment plan with Crea8 and follow it diligently to realise your dream retirement.

At this stage, you may need access to cash

When you retire, there will be times you will need additional cash. Crea8 recognises this need. We allow you to withdraw against your retirement plan as long as you know how much more you need to save to catch up.

8 reasons to invest with Crea8 through each life stage

1. Crea8 provides you with personalised plans

While most people go through similar life stages, everyone’s needs are still different within each stage. Having a personalised plan is important to cater for these different needs and aspirations.

2. Set up multiple bespoke plans for all your life goals

We understand that you will have different goals throughout your life (e.g. to retire comfortably, buy a car, set up a college fund). As such, we give you the option to set up multiple investment plans to meet each goal.

3. Adapting to market conditions and your needs

Whether it is market movements or changes in your lifestyle, your plan will adapt and Crea8 will advise you accordingly.

4. Ride on themes and invest in stocks that deliver above average returns

We help you to beat the market by riding on sustainable long-term themes and selecting stocks that have the potential to earn above average earnings.

5. Regular rebalancing ensures you are on target

Your plan is rebalanced regularly automatically, or we will send you a reminder to do so. This way, you can sit back and relax knowing that your investments are on target to meet your goals that you have set throughout your life stages.

6. We monitor your retirement plan whilst you sleep

Crea8 monitors your portfolio automatically by placing cut loss and take profit orders so that your goals are not affected by extreme market movements.

7. Low cost but high quality

Our fee structure saves you money compared to traditional mutual funds. At the same time, we adopt the Markowitz approach for portfolio construction, which is robust and well recognised globally.

8. Making sure you don’t outlive your retirement savings

Any detailed retirement plan is at risk of your good blessing of having a long life. Such longevity risk is widely known and we integrate it as part of your legacy planning.

Crea8’s Advice

Most of us would go through similar stages in our lives. While these stages may be similar, our needs and wants through life and thus, spending habits  would differ. How you should be investing depends on which stage of your life you are in and what your priorities are in that stage.

While traditional fund managers can offer various services to help you invest through life, Crea8’s advantage is in the tailor-made solutions that we can offer you. Check out our Goal based and Factor based investing services today to see how we can give you that bespoke edge for your investment needs.

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